Riff Axelerator - In The Style Of Joe Satriani
Riff Axelerator is a new way to learn guitar that gets faster while you simply play along. It teaches you licks in the style of famous guitar players which you can start at different speeds without losing any quality, unlike most of the slowdown software programs out there. You can also loop at the same tempo and turn off the guitar parts so you can practice over the drum track which is way more interesting than jamming over a metronome click, and also gives you a chance to create your own ideas from the licks you learn. It also includes a detailed lesson breakdown with audio played nice and slow so nobody gets left behind.

More information can be found here including available packs:

Check out a demonstration of Riff Axelerator in action:

I have four copies to give away and entering is as simple as filling out the form below. Just enter your name and email address and I will pick a name at random on March 21st and notify the winners by email, so please make sure you add my email address Jon at youknowwhere.com to your email contacts so the email doesn’t go to spam! I will give the winners 1 week to respond before picking another winner at random. This competition is open to anyone… anywhere!