Ola Englund must be a very happy man right now for Washburn have created not one signature guitar for him but 5, plus there are 5 USA Custom or 4 Indonesian versions available so really it is 9!

The Washburn Parallaxe Solar Series is available at a few different price points with two body variations, 6 and 7 string options and two colours Black or White. All models feature a 25.5″ scale which I’m surprised about as Ola has been using longer scale lengths for his 7 strings until now, either Evertune or Hipshot bridges and for the USA Custom versions Seymour Duncan 59’ SH1N / Custom 5 SH14B pickups and for the Indonesian models Duncan designed HB101N / HB103B pickups.

So here is how the new series is structured:

USA Custom Shop
PX-SOLAR6DLX (6 string) & PX-SOLAR7DLX (7 string) available in Carbon Black Matte with Evertune Bridge.
PX-SOLAR6 (6 string) & PX-SOLAR7 (7 string) (scooped cutaways on top of the body) with a Hipshot Bridge and available in carbon black matte (C) or white matte (WHM) finish.
PX-SOLAR6ET (6 string) EverTune bridge, soft “V” neck, available in pearl white matte (PWHM).

Indonesian models
PX-SOLAR16ET (6 string) and PX-SOLAR17ET (7 string) EverTune bridge, available in carbon black matte.
PX-SOLAR160 (6 string) / PX-SOLAR170 (7 string) Hipshot bridge available in carbon black matte (C) or white matte (WHM) finish.

For more information check out the Washburn Parallaxe Facebook page.