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Wall Axe is a family company here in the U.S. that specialize in making wall hangers for your guitars of varying sizes and accommodations, but they sent me one in particular, the Soloist, to review and I have to say: It’s pretty cool.

Where most guitar hangars are fairly bare bones affairs and even the more elaborate ones are only elaborate in decoration (like a zombie hand or something clutching your guitar), the function remains the same: they hold your guitar. And you may very well say that this is all you would look for in a guitar hanger – I was thinking something very similar – but the Soloist offers a bit more than just decor, increasing functionality and usefulness of the stationary holder.

For one thing, the actual guitar holder isn’t just mounted into a small piece of wood, but rather a large chunk of wood shaped like a triangle. The wood holds the guitar holder, but also has three slots and four wooden pegs.


Well, the goal is to declutter and keep your essential guitar toys together in the same place so you can spend more time playing and less time hunting for stuff. The pegs, slots, and thick piece of wood (which almost doubles as a shelf) were put in place to hang your guitar cords, capos, tuners, thumb picks, and picks in place.

And your guitar, of course.


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The guitar holder is lacquer-safe (anyone who owns a lacquer-finished guitar will testify to the importance of this – if a holder isn’t lacquer-safe and it’s made of that cheap surgical tubing stuff, it will eat right through your finish down to the bare wood) and it’s a bit more complicated than your standard String Swing to install.

Not that this should scare you. Wall Axe includes some great instructions that are very easy to follow, regardless of the type of wall you are installing the Soloist in, with a drilling guide/template, and chronological instructions based on the type of wall and the mandatory mounting hardware for each mounting option. All you have to provide are the tools and the five to ten minutes of labor. Nothing too difficult, I promise. The reason for all these inductions, guides, and templates, is so your guitar is safely mounted to the wall and if it comes to mounting something easily and quickly, but not securely, and spending a few more minutes to do it right and gain the security of knowing that the guitar – your precious guitar – will come crashing down in the night makes the extra time well worth it to me.

They retail for around $30.00 and be found HERE!