vfe focus
VFE Pedals have collaborated with Periphery’s Adam “Nolly” Getgood on a new pedal called the Focus which uses variable bass and treble cut filters for control over top end grit and low frequency saturation.

For years guitarists have been using an Ibanez Tubescreamer or similar in front of their amps to tighten up the bottom end but the control on the Tubescreamer is fairly limited. Nolly is not only a fantastic guitarist (with epic pinch harmonics) but also the bass player for Periphery and on top of that he is a producer/engineer! So Nolly knows a few things about sound which makes him the ideal person to collaborate with for VFE.


“The Focus is an EQ pedal with a variable clean boost, giving you independent control over the frequency and slope of the high and low end cuts (labelled “Smooth” and “Tight” respectively) to really tailor the tightness and “stringiness” of your tone far beyond what a typical boost pedal can do. This allows you to use it far more subtly than other boost pedals, so you can leave as much of the natural character of your amp intact as possible.” says Nolly, “In addition to the filtering and clean boost, it’s equipped with a wet/dry mix control so you can experiment with extreme settings, then blend the original unfiltered signal back in for more tone-shaping options.

Another use is in the FX loop, where you can use it to control the low end from the preamp stage, for example it allows you to crank the bass knob on the amp, then filter out the unnecessary sub-lows with the pedal to leave you with a fuller, yet tighter tone than can be achieved otherwise.”

Nolly is planning on recording a demo of the pedal soon once he has finished recording and engineering the new Periphery album so once it is done I will add the video to this post.