Twanger portable picking practice
I think I’ve found the most pointless guitar related accessory ever, well ok some people might find it useful but those are the same people that still wear bumbags (Fanny Pack for those of you reading Stateside). The idea of the Twanger PraxAx is to wear it around your waist so you can practice strumming and picking on the go. Now I know my picking needs a lot of work but there is no way I would use this, I’ve tried the Shredneck & the Gripmaster for left hand strengthening and it is ok at first but then you just stop using these things and put aside more time to pick up a guitar instead.

Standard models for guitar (steel string, nylon string, dobro), bass (4 or 5 string), banjo and mandolin. Amp Ready versions plug in to practice amp. – Amp ready versions?! What is the point of that?! listening to open strings would drive me nuts, in fact it would remind me of my first term of Uni when my Classical guitar teacher was correcting my right hand technique… I don’t need reminding of that thank you very much! Dobro version?! How on earth would you produce a Dobro version? Sorry but that seems a bit silly too. I’m not usually negative like this but I just don’t see the benefit of this product I think it would be wiser to invest in a decent travel guitar such as the Palm Guitar, check out this review by Guitar Vibe