This amazing guitar was built and designed by Julien Bergeron. I am blown away by the tone, volume and playability of this thing! Shout out to Misha Mansoor for the handy camera work.

Something tells me Julien Bergeron is about to get an influx of orders!

Julien does do some pretty interesting work which you can check out on his website, one that caught my eye (how could it not!?) was Guitar #4 which looks like it was set upon by a hungry Hippo:

Another interesting find was guitar #9 which has this rather ingenious bridge design that has individual saddles like an electric guitar allowing the intonation to be fine tuned by Julien:

There are two 8 string models, Tosin is playing the more traditional acoustic #8 but there is also a fan fret 8 string with a pickup, #10:

For more info and photos: