This is an interesting crowd funding campaign and only a couple of days left to donate so read this quickly and watch the above video!

We aim to provide guitar and bass players with the highest quality, most attractive handmade speaker cabinets on the market, while honoring the craftsmanship that goes into not just our cabs, but all of the materials that go into them. TimberCraft values honesty and fairness in all business practices. We take fair trade seriously. By working with craftsman, both domestic and abroad, we ensure that everything that goes into a TimberCraft Cabinet comes from workers who make an honest wage.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Market Colors – a nonprofit organization that connects African craftsmen with American consumers. Market Colors is dedicated to mitigating financial hardships and improving the quality of life of the impoverished in Africa. These craftsmen specialize in textiles. All of the grill cloth used in our speaker cabinets will be obtained from these craftsmen, through Market Colors. For more information about Market Colors, visit their website.

If you fancy getting a custom speaker or head enclosure you need to help fund this startup, use the widget below to go to the Kickstarter campaign page: