If there is one thing I always forget to do after playing my guitar it is to give the strings a wipe down, now when I’m playing at home this isn’t usually necessary but in a sweaty practice room for a few hours with a band or after a gig you will find that the strings are usually covered in sweat which means unless you use coated strings they will get very dirty and the string life and tone will be rapidly depleted. The Swipe is a quick and easy way to clean your strings and fretboard, check out the press release below:

The Swipeâ„¢, a stringed instrument cleaner already popular with musicians throughout Europe, is making its debut in the United States. Simply designed to be the world’s most effective instrument string cleaner, The Swipeâ„¢ helps keep your instrument spotless and sounding like new. Although perfect for any stringed instrument, The Swipeâ„¢ is especially great for bass guitars as it is a money saving option for users.

Any musician knows that playing it everyday is the best way to keep your instrument in tip-top shape, but cleaning it properly is equally important. Natural oils, dirt and grime are routinely transferred to the strings and fret board every time you play. After time, the buildup can dull the tone of your instrument and corrode the strings, eventually causing them to deteriorate.

With The Swipeâ„¢, musicians can rest assure their instruments will be clean and their strings and fret board will have a longer life, improving sound and quality. The Swipeâ„¢ is:

Made from the best material'”intensely soft, but extremely durable micro-fibers.
Proven to absorb string residue using NO CHEMICALS and NO OILS without leaving fluffy bits behind, like rags do.
100% chemical free. The product is so gentle it will not scratch or ruin the finish on your guitar or bass.
Capable of extending string life by up to one third!
Easy to use and uniquely shaped, enabling users to clean every spot'”frets, surface and even the underside of strings.
Perfect for removing tone deadening, corrosive sweat and grime.
Simple, lightweight and convenient'”the re-sealable package keeps it protected when you are not using it, plus it is compact (the size of a credit card) and fits right in your pocket.

The Swipeâ„¢ retails for $6.99 and is available in select music stores in New York City. For more info go to www.the-swipe.com