Steve Stevens
In my 5 years of running Guitar Noize I have had a lot of cool experiences but interviewing Steve Stevens tops everything. I remember when I started playing guitar in the late 80’s seeing photos of Steve Stevens in guitar mags advertising Hamer Guitars and Marshall Amps. ‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson had also just been released featuring Steve’s guitar work on the rock track ‘Dirty Diana’ and of course he had also played the ‘Top Gun Anthem’, (check out the video here for a trip down memory lane if you’re as old as me!). Of course Steve Stevens is most famous for playing with Billy Idol and writing classic hits such as ‘Rebel Yell’ and believe it or not he has been playing with Billy Idol for 30 years now.

I caught up with Steve Stevens the day before he was due to leave on a European Billy Idol tour to talk about his guitars, amps and the projects that he has been involved with this year.

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