Teuffel Guitars - Antonio

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Check out the latest creation from Teuffel Guitars, Antonio. This is an electric guitar, although it does look like a semi-acoustic. This is a brand new design, the website hasn’t even been updated yet, but I have gathered as much information as possible from Ulrich Teuffel himself:

The scale is a Les Paul scale (24.75″) with a compound fingerboard radius (12″). It is an electric guitar with a neck pickup only. The body and neck are from hondurian mahogany with sound chambers inside. Soundchambers on the backside [go] nearly until to the top. It has through-neck constuction. The Gotoh stealth tuners are running in self-lubricating carbon tubes which I laminate into the headstock. Tuner screws are mounted into a solid ziricote inlay. So they won’t wear out. Wrap-around bridge from ziricote. Inside a core of aluminium which carries the treads for the saddles and the cavities for the studs. Rigid and solid. The jackplate is from aluminium covered with ciricote. Mounted into the body with metal thread inserts. The (neck) pickup is a 7.3 kOHms Humbucker. Wound with Electrisola AWG 42 Grade 2 and an Alnico2 magnet, handweakened on 45-48 mTesla. A push-pull pot can split the coils. There is a two-way trussrod from titanium (rigid but @ all 270 gramms) the access to which is guided by a aircraft certificated carbon tube. This tube longs until below the 1 fret. This way it protects the headstock agains breaking at the same time.