On monday I posted a review of the amazing Taylor Guitars Electric SolidBody Singlecut guitar, now I’m not much of a Singlecut guy as you will have seen from my guitar collection but this guitar really impressed me, not only by the tones you can produce but also by the feel of the neck and body. However, I was fairly confident my bank account was safe as its not the look I go for, but then NAMM 2011 rolls around and Taylor drop a bombshell, they are releasing a Double Cutaway version of this innovative guitar… uh oh I feel a G.A.S. attack coming on. Just look at that photo above, it’s beautiful and because it is based on the singlecut version it has all the amazing features like the plug & play solderless Loaded Pickguards with any combination of pickups you can think of, or as above you can go for the Standard without the pickguard. The set-in tops for the body mean that you can have exotic woods previously unthinkable on a guitar, or you can go with a traditional figured Maple as above.

So here are some specs of the guitar just in case you weren’t already impressed:
Body: Mahogany
Neck: Sapele (Gloss Finish)
Fretboard: Ebony, 15” Radius (241mm) w/bone nut
Tone control: Traditional control for first two-thirds, last third peaks the mids
Bridge: Hardtail Aluminum (fully-adjustable) or Taylor Tremolo
Machine Heads: Taylor Standard tuners

If you want to read more about the innovative features on Taylor’s SolidBody guitars check out this page and of course watch my demo of the Singlecut Solidbody below:

Taylor Electric Guitars