I have been using Toontrack’s most excellent Superior Drummer 2.0 for a while now and thought I would collate and share some examples that I have recorded. The best thing about upgrading from EZ Drummer was that all of my previous acquired EZX Expansion Drumkits can be used but you can fine tune the individual drums and you can add effects such as compression and EQ in the comprehensive Mixer section. I also bought a couple of Producer Preset packs. The one that I have used almost all the time is the Nolly Producer Pack (Adam Getgood: guitarist, bassist and producer extraordinaire of Periphery) along with my Metal Machine EZX Kit. There are also loads of MIDI packs that you can purchase directly from the Toontrack site and this makes creating your own drum tracks super easy, simply go into the Grooves section preview various drum examples, fills etc. remove the hi-hat, snare, bass drum or whatever you like then simply drag into your DAW and the MIDI track will be loaded onto your timeline. Once you have the MIDI data on your timeline you can obviously edit the MIDI information to tailor the loop, fill or hit to your needs by altering placement and velocity of notes or add and delete hits. Very simple and it instantly sounds very realistic. Of course you can use a MIDI keyboard or drum controller/kit to play and record your own drum tracks using the kits too.

In my demos above I have included a few different styles although I use Superior Drummer mainly for metal it can be used for any style of music just by selecting a drum kit that fits with the music. The Vintage Rock kit was what I have used for the non-metal examples above.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the interface:

And the mixer section:

If you are interested in recording some tracks at home whether it be for backing tracks, demos of gear like myself or for your own music to sell Superior Drummer will enable you to create a realistic drum track no matter what style of music you play.