Suhr Hedgehog 50
Boy has this been a long time coming! I remember seeing news of this years ago but it is finally here, the Suhr Hedgehog 50 Watt Head and matching 2×12 Cabinet. When this was originally announced I think it was the first amp to have a programmable preamp like this, I believe Jet City now also have a similar system in their JCA20HFlex.

“Steeped in the classic, hot-rodded American tone tradition, the Suhr Hedgehog is designed to offer players the utmost in tonal versatility. The Hedgehog is a modern all-tube, 50 watt single-channel amplifier that features a cascaded overdrive section, four voicings, and a series/parallel effects loop – all of which are easily programmable

The Hedgehog’s unique ability to select and program overdrive, voicing and effects loop options offers players a myriad of clean and overdriven tones from a single-channel amplifier. With a simple press of a button on the Hedgehog’s front panel you can instantly store 6 presets – 4 of which are accessible via the included 4 button footswitch.”

Suhr Hedgehog 50 with 2x12 Cab