Strymon Flint
I can’t wait to try this pedal out Strymon just keep making the most amazing looking and sounding stomp boxes and on top of that they publish their research as white papers too! Check out the Amplifier Tremelo Technology Whitepaper for instance.

“The magical combination of tremolo and reverb is the earliest example of a perfect guitar effects marriage. Our new Flint Tremolo & Reverb pedal delivers three classic tremolo circuits, along with three completely unique and complimentary reverb types. You get the classic ’60s Spring Tank Reverb, the inventive ’70s Electronic Plate Reverb, and the nostalgic ’80s Hall Rack Reverb. Pete Celi, our Lead DSP Engineer and Sound Designer illustrates the research and sound design process that went into creating our reverbs in Flint.”

For an in-depth look at the 3 different reverbs the Flint is capable of check out this post from Strymon – Flint Reverb Summary Paper – Three Classic Reverb Types.

“We carefully studied our favorite classic tremolo and reverb circuits, examined the sonic complexities, and faithfully accounted for every detail in our hand-crafted algorithms. Flint harnesses the complete power of a SHARC DSP to authentically exhibit these details.

Flint gives you the soothing, pulsating, and hypnotic effects that were pioneered in vintage amplifier tremolo circuits, along with three classic and completely unique reverb algorithms. You get the sonically complex ’61 Harmonic Tremolo, the swampy and sultry ’63 Power Tube Tremolo, and the sharp and balanced ’65 Photocell Tremolo.”

To hear this amazing pedal in action check out the Strymon Flint product page –