vai academy

Announcing Vai Academy Song Evolution Camp June 23-27, 2014 in Saratoga Springs, NY at Gideon Putnam Resort! Join Steve for an intensive, hands-on 4-day songwriting, music and guitar workshop experience where attendees will receive first-hand instruction about writing, recording and publishing a song and getting it into the world. To add even more fire to the garden, guitar greats Guthrie Govan, Vernon Reid & Jeff “Skunk” Baxter will join Steve as they share their musical insights and acumen. The event, featuring live performances and jams, is open to players of all instruments and skill levels. Visit for registration and full details (sign up by March 31st and receive a free Ibanez RG Electric Guitar!)

“I do a lot of meet and greets, classes, and interviews, and the same questions always come up. Through the years, I’ve come to understand what most musicians really want. They want to know how to write a song, how to record it, how to get it out into the world, and how to tour. That’s what you’re going to learn at Vai Academy ‘Song Evolution’ Camp.”

At the workshop you will write a song together, talk about channeling inspiration and then architecting an ensemble to capture it, create a demo and record it. There will be information on protecting your music with your own publishing company. On the next day you will go through the process of being a producer on the song by creating appropriate parts, layering, and learning what to listen for to get the most powerful result. You will also get into detail on how to capture sound and what to listen for as a recording engineer reviewing various mixing techniques, EQ, and instrument placement. And then the track will actually get mixed.

On the third day you will cover the process of bringing your song to the public through virtually all of the digital stores around the world – everything from coming up with a .PDF booklet to opening an account with an aggregate and distributing your work.

Registration and pricing info can be found here, take a deep breath, you will be staying in a first class resort and taught by Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and Vernon Reid so don’t expect this to be cheap!