stephan forte enigma opera black
I heard about Stephan Forte back in late 2011 when he released his fantastic album ‘The Shadows Compendium’ (check out my review of The Shadows Compendium by Stephan Forte here). Stephan has been busy this year writing and recording his new album “Enigma Opera Black” and has released the single ‘Zeta Nemisis’ on YouTube (see below) featuring Marty Friedman.

Recorded at X Fade Studios in Nanterre, France, Enigma Opera Black was co-produced by Forté’s Adagio bandmate and keyboard player Kevin Codfert who he has worked with for the past thirteen years. The duo spent a whole year writing, recording and mixing the new material, honing down the songs, then adding layer upon layer of lush instrumentation to create a sonic landscape that is both breathtaking in its sonic beauty and staggering in its technical acumen.

Of his new label Zeta Nemesis Forté said, “It’s kind of an experiment. It’s an expensive experiment for me, but I wanted to try it. The goal is to not distribute physically into the stores and make it available in only two spots physically, Amazon and my own website. That way the customer doesn’t have to look too hard for it.”

‘Enigma Opera Black’ is a record that reflects Forté’s intense interest in finding beauty through darkness. “I like my music to be dark. That’s the main idea behind the concept.” Adding, “I’m on the good side of things, but I’m just seeing it through a darker veil.”

“I’ve been listening to a lot more modern kinds of stuff, whether it’s metal or classical, and I wanted to do an instrumental album, but not the kind of cliché Neo-Classical 80’s kind of thing,” Forté said. “Even though my first album is not really like that, it can have that kind of feeling. It’s still dark and metal and heavy, but I really wanted to move to something more modern.”