Of all the delay pedals out there I seem to always love the sound of Analog bucket brigade Delay pedals the most and I think the demo of Seymour Duncan’s new Vapor Trail Analog Delay is a perfect example of why. The section at 1:35 highlights exactly what I mean, I love the slightly deteriorating repeats. Seymour Duncan took a bit of a break from the effects pedal game for a while but they are back with some seriously impressive pedals and this is my favourite announced so far.

The Vapor Trail has a pretty cool feature I haven’t seen on other compact delay pedals, a TRS insert jack that allows you to add effects to the wet signal (loop the wet delay sound through a flanger, chorus, or other type of effect). You can also use this jack to output a wet-only signal for parallel effect loops or multi-amp setups, or you can plug in any standard volume-type pedal, crank the Mix knob to full, and vary the amount of wet signal from none to full-wet using the pedal. At maximum Wet setting, the first echo is actually 3dB louder than the dry signal.

Also the Delay knob is translucent with a blue LED that flashes to give you visual feedback on the delay time you have selected which is a nice idea.

The Vapor Trail is a true analog delay pedal using the famed Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs), giving the pedal an authentic, vintage sound with warmth, fullness and depth, but with an immense clarity that keeps it from getting lost in the mix. Responsive modulation controls add shimmer and movement to your delay tone – with the Rate and Depth controls mounted right on the top panel so you can easily adjust them even in a live setting. A little delay will add dimension and richness to your sound while cranking up the controls will provide truly mind-bending sounds.

seymour duncan vapor trail