Schecter HELLRAISER 100

Schecter HELLRAISER 2-12

Schecter Guitars have announced via their Facebook page that they are releasing a 100 watt head and 2×12 Combo called the HELLRAISER. Schecter have also announced that they hooked up with legendary Amp designer James Brown for this amp and in case you have never heard of him he was the lead designer at Peavey who created the 5150, XXX, JSX and Classic 30 and now runs his own effects company called AmpTweaker.

The logo on the head is a little too large for my liking, scale it down to about 70% and I think it would look much better but they seem to have been much more restrained on the combo? Aside from aesthetics though we could well be looking at a new classic Metal amp much like Brown’s original 5150 design that has dominated for so long. I look forward to seeing some demos from NAMM.


  • Made in the USA
  • All Tube design
  • 1/2 Power Switch (100w/50w)
  • 2 Independent Channels with Separate EQ and Boost
  • Innovative ‘Focus’ Control Optimized for 7 and 8 string range
  • ‘Tight’ feature
  • Speaker cabs loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s
  • Innovative Inputs for Passive and Active Guitars
  • XLR Direct Output with Straight or Slant Speaker Emulation
  • Designed by world renowned amp designer James Brown