I have a Patrick Eggle Berlin, I wish Rory had played mine because this limited edition Patrick Eggle Berlin Legend just sold at auction for $42,000! Gallagher’s guitar was number 30 of a limited edition of 150 JS Berlin Legend guitars built by the British guitar company. Rory’s guitar had the initials RG on the 12th fret.

Of course this guitar was not the guitar Rory was really known for, that would be a 1961 Fender Stratocaster that I believe is still owned by the Gallagher family, maybe by Donal? Imagine how much that would fetch at auction!

Here is the Rory Gallagher Patrick Eggle Berlin Legend being demonstrated by the auctioneers:

And of course if you want a 1994 Patrick Eggle Berlin I’ll sell you mine for $32,000 ;)