Guitar legend Robben Ford and special guest Sonny Landreth conduct Dojo Guitar Camp — a privileged-access experience to a once-in-a-lifetime gathering.

The whole guitarist guitar camp thing is really popular at the moment, well actually it has been for a long time in Europe with Mattias IA Eklundh running an annual Freak Guitar Camp for years now. But in the US many of the world’s top guitarists have started to realise what an amazing experience this is for everyone involved and Robben Ford is the latest guitar player to organise an amazing opportunity for 100 guests to eat, drink and sleep guitar for a few days in a beautiful resort under the instruction of himself and Sonny Landreth with the help of Brian Allen (bass) and Wes Little (drums) who will conduct master classes on groove, time, and pocket, and Ford’s friend and trusted guitar tech, Rick Wheeler, a jazz virtuoso, will also conduct sessions on jazz guitar.

Press Release
From August 4-8, at the elegantly rustic Full Moon Resort, in the Catskill Forest Preserve (about 30 miles west of Woodstock), guitar enthusiasts and guitarists of all skill levels will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to get inside the minds and see the hands up close of these music icons. Registration is limited to 100 guests to ensure an intimate, immersive experience.

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