Riffworks T4
Back in October I reviewed Riffworks a software application designed to make recording your riffs a simple process so that you don’t get bogged down in the technology and lose that initial inspiration. They took it even further with Riffworld.com and RiffRumble which utilise Riffworks’ online recording collaboration features:

RiffWorks recording software includes built-in online music collaboration and song posting – RiffWorld integrates these technologies into a modern social networking environment. Record quality songs with musicians around the world regardless of locations and schedules. Post your tunes. Win trophy icons and song contest prizes. All the world’s your stage!

And the prizes are great by the way, check out the current Riff Rumble prizes, a Schecter C-1, a couple of Seymour Duncan pickups and some Instant Drummer sessions for your backing tracks worth over $1000.

Well now Sonoma Wireworks are releasing a FREE version of Riffworks called Riffworks T-4 available for immediate download for both Mac and PC! There are a few differences from the fully functioning paid version which I will outline below.

You can only create 4 layers in your recording rather than the 24 in Riffworks Standard.
You only get 1 InstantDrummers pack instead of the 9 you get with Riffworkds Standard.
T-4 doesn’t have a REX file player and doesn’t have ReWire functionality so that it can be used in conjunction with multitrack recording software such as Abelton Live.
The included Amp simulator plugins are AmpliTube® Duo LE & Studio Devil BVC rather than the full version of Amplitube 2 Live
7 effects (Wah, Multi-band Compression & Distortion, Modulation, Delay, Reverb, Compression, and British Style EQ)

A free level of online collaboration is included with RiffWorks T4, which allows up to four musicians to collaborate on a song and chat simultaneously. RiffWorks loop-based recording workflow allows collaboration without latency or distance issues. As a track is recorded, it streams to other players and is perfectly in sync. All contributions are saved on RiffWorld.com and can be opened later in RiffWorks to continue recording. An unlimited number of musicians may contribute to a song (4 at a time).

This is a pretty amazing piece of software to give away for free, you could be jamming with other musicians in a matter of minutes! Make sure you check out RiffWorld.com to hear some of the online collaboration possibilities already happening. Sonoma Wireworks have worked hard to make sure they have built a strong community around their software and Riffworks T-4 will really help solidify that community by making super easy multitrack recording with simple InstantDrummers backing tracks available to any guitarist with a computer! You never know I might be jamming with you later!

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