A year ago I posted about a great single ‘Get It’ from a new band called Vigilant featuring the amazing Jon Reshard on Bass and killer vocals from Chloe Demetria, Jordan Ferreira is on guitar duties while Thomas Pridgen is on Drums. I’m pleased to announce that the album is finally finished and due for release August 13.

‘Born To Kill’ was produced and engineered by Jon with David Isaac (3-time Grammy Winning Producer/Mix Engineer whose legendary resume includes Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder) as exec producer and mix engineer and a constant mentor to the band. Additional studio work was done by Randy Emata (Steve Miller, Lou Reed) in Los Angeles, along with Jawad Mills who ran the drum sessions that took place in Jacksonville, Florida as well as Brian Matheson of Skyline studio in San Francisco. Jordan Ferreira’s studio in Boston was also an additional location for recording vocals.

This is a rock album and pretty heavy in places thanks to the ferocious drum and bass playing, ‘Timekeeper’ for instance starts with a wall of sound and then a catchy chugging Metal guitar & bass riff. Then band has the heavy funk kind of feel like Rage Against The Machine but with a vocal performance from Chloe Demetria has an equal mix of power and subtlety. At the moment the band is finishing up a short video featuring two songs from the album, ‘The Door’, which is a minute long track featuring a violin playing over some dissonant chords and eerie sound effects that leads into ‘Carling’. ‘Carling’, which is one of my favourite songs on the album, carries through some of the theme by reintroducing the eerie sounding Violin playing a harmonised solo. There is a great balance of heavy rhythms with a clear vocal performance which works really well.

You can get a taste of Vigilant by heading over to the Vigilant website.

Vigilant - Born To Kill