Gerry Hayes has been building guitars for nearly twenty years and repairing thousands of instruments while running his company Haze Guitars. Gerry has performed everything from straightforward setups to massively complex structural repairs and restorations, “I feel I’ve a pretty good grasp on this guitar stuff and I’ve written these Haze Guitars Guides to help you get to grips with it too.”

The first book in his new series tackles the nemesis of almost every guitar player on the planet. The book is called “Truss Rods Made Easy” and is a complete guide to adjusting and measuring the relief in your neck the correct way so that you no longer need to fear the dreaded truss rod adjustment. What’s more, to celebrate the first book in the series Gerry has made this book a free download available from his website

The book begins with an explanation of what exactly an adjustable truss rod is and how it works. Gerry explains the different variations of truss rod and how each of them are adjusted. Next, Gerry explains relief and the difference between forward and back bow and how to identify when your neck has too much or too little relief.


Chapter 3 deals with measuring relief and what tools you will need, there is also an ingenious way to create a set of accurate gauges for very little money using something you will already have, I won’t give it away I’ll let you find out for yourself. Once you are armed with the right tools Gerry explains how to measure relief on both an electric and acoustic guitar. Moving on the next part deals with measuring action. Finally Gerry helps you to understand how much relief and what your action height should be depending on what music you play, what string gauge you use etc.

Chapter 4 is where it all happens, adjusting the truss rod. After a quick rundown of the various types of Allen wrenches and tools necessary to adjust a truss rod comes the warning page. Yes, despite being a book designed to help you confidently adjust the truss rod there still needs to be some advice to make sure you don’t go crazy and force it and do some damage! Being the main section of the book, this section is very thorough with lots of diagrams and photos.

The last 2 chapters are about reluctant rods and how to deal with them and resources which includes links to tool suppliers and some measurement charts to help with conversions.

I don’t think anyone has ever published a book just on the subject of adjusting the truss rod but when you think about it it is the one thing that most guitarists would happily pay money for, amazingly this funny, thorough and insightful book is free so head over to Haze Guitars and grab your downloadable copy now so you will fear the truss rod no more!