There are some people in the music business that ascend to legendary status over the years, Dave Mustaine is certainly one of them albeit for more controversially than he probably would have liked. Dave Mustaine is obviously a major driving force in the Heavy Metal genre with records spanning almost 3 decades! Unfortunately Dave has not always been the best with words, especially when talking to the press and many people take a disliking to him personally due all the band “sackings”. The thing is, I’m one of those people that read stories about Dave and said oh no not again, he’s made some dodgy comment and offended someone or sacked his guitarist for no good reason. Even though I’ve been a fan of Megadeth’s music for 20 years I’ve never once actually made an effort to read about Dave Mustaine before and try and work out why he seems to have so many problems. I was expecting “Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir” to be very defensive and one-sided and I was totally wrong I actually felt that this book was brutally honest, open and insightful. I had no idea about how much Dave has suffered from Drug and Alcohol addiction over the years as have many of his band members, in fact this book really explains why the band has been subject to so many problems over the years and why certain members were sacked. Dave also, obviously, talks about the Metallica sacking and issues that followed over the years and how he never really dealt with it properly at the time. Anyone who has seen “Some Kind Of Monster” will have already seen the start of Dave Mustaine dealing with how he was affected by this series of events and it does actually make much more sense when you read about all of the things that have happened over the years.

The book follows Dave’s life all the way up to the recording of “Endgame” including how Dave almost lost the use of his left hand back in 2002 due to a crazy injury brought on by falling asleep with his arm over a chair which caused almost catastrophic nerve damage. I think it is pretty amazing to be told you will never play guitar again and not only prove the Doctor’s wrong but to then go on recording and touring. At the start of the book I did think that this was going to be just like every rock bio I’ve read such as Slash, Anthony Kiedis and Motley Crue where it degenerates into a listing of every time they scored heroin on the street and how they would shoot up in the toilet at rehab or whatever but Dave’s life has had so many twists and turns it literally had me gripped from the start and I read it faster than any book I’ve owned in years. All I can say is that if you want to hear Dave’s side or if you are even just a little curious about Dave’s life this book is a must, you won’t want to put it down I guarantee it.