If you aware of then you will no doubt already know who Martin Miller is, until now every video I had seen had been in a Jazz Fusion style so I was quite surprised to hear a few rock instrumentals on this album such as the opening track ‘Nervous Opus‘, which in the video explanation below Martin said he hoped to piss as many people off with the programmed drums and synth bass but I certainly wasn’t pissed off at all, the programmed drums work really well with the driving synth bass and fast run based main into theme. Another one of the harder rock based tracks is ‘Forever Eternal‘, again totally didn’t expect to hear this kind of track from Martin, it is more in the vain of Andy James! It shows what a versatile player Martin is to jump between a track like this and ‘Between You and Me‘ which is an acoustic Jazz track with some great Sax from Michal Skulski.

Upon hearing the track ‘Fresh Ducks‘ I immediately thought of Mattias Eklundh, it has a cheeky disco style rhythm and Hammond organ intro before the main melody from Martin enters. This is no ordinary disco track mind you, from about the halfway Martin launches into a stunning guitar solo which you can see him perform in the video below. Other highlights for me include the track ‘Plush Door‘ which is the most Fusion sounding track for me and features a catchy melody as well as some nice dissonant or outside playing from Martin and is one of my favourite on the album, it has solos from Clemens Poetzsch on keyboards, Riccardo Quagliato on Drums, Federico Malaman on Bass and of course Martin himself in true Jazz style.

Make sure you watch the video below so you can hear some excerpts of each track from the album and an explanation and some footage of Martin playing some of the solos!

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