Having recorded a few videos recently using IK Multimedia’s Amplitube 3 and reviewing it here on Guitar Noize IK Multimedia were so happy they sent me one of their Stealth Pedal’s so I made a video to show you how to use it.

The Stealth Pedal is one of 3 Amplitube hardware accessories and sits in between the StealthPlug, a simple and incredibly compact USB Audio Interface and the Stomp IO their top end Stage Controller and Audio Interface. The Stealth Pedal is also a USB Audio Interface and an Expression Pedal in a rugged Wah style chassis capable of controlling multiple parameters in Amplitube. The Audio Interface has 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion and 44.1/48 kHz operation. Two separate inputs are provided for Hi-Z or line level instruments which are automatically detected as well as two separate outputs and a headphone output.

The Stealth Pedal expression pedal and switch can be associated with any parameter of “Powered by Amplitube” software, or any other amp and FX modeling software with MIDI control capabilities. The StealthPedal controls can also be expanded with an additional expression pedal and two extra switches for building a mini-pedalboard rig with preset and single effects control capabilities for full live/recording usage. Users are not limited to controlling amp-simulator software with StealthPedal, as it can control any effects plug-in, virtual instrument or DAW with MIDI control capabilities.

The Stealth Pedal allows you to connect an external Expression Pedal and a Dual Switch pedal (not included) in order to expand your controller capabilities if you want to use Amplitube in a live situation. As you will see in my video demo you can assign the pedal to pretty much anything so don’t think you are restricted to just hooking it up to a Wah or Volume stomp. You can control mic placement, Amp gain, reverb or eq settings, Rack effects parameters and using the additional switches you have even more possibilities to turn stomps and amps on and off.

If you are just looking to record and not perform live with Amplitube the StealthPedal is a great Audio Interface using high-end electronic design techniques not commonly found in other USB bus-powered interfaces, including a sophisticated multiple power supply section that allows the StealthPedal to run at internal higher voltages that what are usually found in other bus powered devices.

If you are wanting to use Amplitube Live then having a floor controller is a must to get the most out of Amplitube. Obviously not everyone can afford the high end StompIO controller and the StealthPedal has been priced to make sure it is affordable while maintaining the highest quality of components, it is also built to be tough enough to withstand gigging.

Check out IK Multimedia’s site for info about the StealthPedal, StealthPlug and the StompIO as well as Amplitube 3.