Collectible Guitar magazine
I was sent a copy of the first issue of Collectible Guitar – Then & Now Magazine that I reported on back in March and I have finally had a chance to actually read the magazine and wanted to share my thoughts. First up make no mistake, this is every bit as professional a guitar mag as the big names despite the price of just US$20 (within the US) for an annual subscription plus you get a free set of D’Addario strings with a subscription. Otherwise you can purchase the magazine from your favourite newsagent for $5.95 per issue.

The initial issue contains articles on a 1901 Martin, Vince Gill and his incredible vintage guitar collection, the Gibson Art Deco Series as well as product reviews on gear such as the new Visual Sound VS-XO pedal and the Rubicon RC-8 Mini Amp. So while the focus is on vintage and collectible guitars there are also features on new products too. One of my favourite articles from this issue is called ’10 Ways to avoid the wrath of your significant other after buying another guitar!” which is something I’m sure we could all take note from.

It is certainly a bold move to launch a new print guitar magazine rather than just going digital but I have to admit I still love having a guitar magazine in my hand to read, but maybe they will add a tablet version down the track and include some audio and video content into it once they are more established (a huge bonus of digital guitar mags). In any case ‘Collectible Guitar – Then & Now’ are off to a flying start that I enjoyed reading (especially the Vince Gill feature) and look forward to checking out more issues in the future. For more information head over to