I recently discovered fellow Aussies ‘Circles’ after downloading the free Basick Records Sampler which contains the epic track ‘Clouds Are Gathering‘ (see the video above). Frankly that’s all I needed to hear to know that this group of 5 Djentlemen are a force to be reckoned with. Some call it Djent others call it Progressive Metal, and I think that is a more flattering description because Circles sound anything but conventional.

Matty Clarke and Ted Furuhashi are on guitar duty with massive sounding staccato syncopated riffs backed up by Drew Patton’s precise bass lines and David Hunter’s drumming mixed with layered keyboards and effects topped by the amazing vocal talents of Perry Kakridas. Circles cite Faith No More as one of their influences and you can definitely see how Mike Patton has influenced Perry.

The Compass‘ is a mini album with 6 killer tracks including ‘Clouds Are Gathering‘ which show off Circles’ outstanding musicianship, which is often the case with anyone who gets labelled as a Djent band. The riffs on ‘Act3‘ for instance probably sound pretty simple to someone who doesn’t play an instrument, but as a guitarist I found myself rewinding to try and count along and getting lost along the way. Now don’t get me wrong this album isn’t full of technical time signature changes and crazy fretboard antics for the sake of it, everything has its place and any technical parts are just to enhance the song as a whole. ‘Act3‘ also really showcases Perry Kadridas as a vocalist ranging from his controlled almost ballad style lower register to his amazing high register singing and all out screaming he is a total vocal powerhouse. Another standout track to me is ‘The Design‘ which has some really technical riffs but the vocals help to create the illusion of simplicity by consolidating the wonderfully disjointed syncopated rhythms with flowing melodies.

I’ve been waiting for the release of this mini-album ever since hearing the Basick Records sampler and I can say it definitely doesn’t dissapoint, there are certainly no fillers it is chock full of great songs. If you like bands such as Periphery and TesseracT you will love this album it has technical ability, melodic vocals and crushing riffs that will have you stamping your feet along to. It is difficult for Aussie Metal bands to get exposure but having signed to UK label Basick Records Circles it won’t be long before you see Circles touring with the likes of Periphery around the world. An outstanding debut that leaves you wanting more.

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