Rasmus by Suhr Guitars were launched a while ago and offer a cheaper alternative to the high quality US made Suhr range by offering a range made in China based on the Suhr Standard and Modern models and now a Guthrie Govan Signature Modern which is very similar to his set neck Suhr signature model with a few differences. First of all as you can see the guitar is all Mahogany but in this case features a bolt-on neck as per the regular Suhr Modern design. Unlike Guthrie’s Suhr signature models it doesn’t feature his favourite little device the blower switch, anything that is adding extra cost like this and the Tremel-No has been dropped in favour of simplicity.

Aside from those differences at the moment I don’t have any specific details about differences in the Mahogany used or if the pickups are exactly the same as Guthrie’s Suhr version but I’m assuming they are, check this out from the Rasmus site:

“…we decided to offer genuine USA made Suhr pickups, Japanese made Gotoh bridges and the same German made fret wires that we use on our Suhr instruments.

Every Rasmus guitar will be Plek’d and set up by Suhr master builders before being shipped from the Suhr factory. Yes, we will disassemble each guitar, Plek the neck with our top of the line Plek Pro computerized fret-leveling machine and do the set up and QC check ourselves. You can be assured of superb playability due to the Plek process, excellent sound courtesy of the Suhr USA pickups, and reliable functionality offered by the same Gotoh bridges that we use on our own Suhr guitars.”