Randall NB King 100
I mentioned on Jan 20th that Randall are releasing a Nuno Bettencourt signature amplifier called the NB King 100, well while we are all waiting for Randall to update their product website here are a few more details and some more images. Above you will see a close up photo of the head. Here is the description from the new product catalogue.

A classic 2-channel amp with 3 modes of operation, you can instantly select via the MIDI channel switching, a sparkling CLEAN channel with the perfect amount of drive, an OVERDRIVE for any vintage to modern high gain rhythm tones and a SOLO mode for unparalleled harmonic sustain. The rear panel features include MIDI in/thru, Power tube bias section and Series Effect loop.
Randall NB King 100
Here is a closer view of the 2 channel controls plus the Solo mode. I assume the Solo mode is the overdrive channel boosted as they describe the NB King 100 as a 2 channel amp? The power amp is driven by 4 EL34 Power Tubes and has a power output of 100 Watts. The NB412 Speaker Cabinet comes loaded with 4 12″ Celestion Greenback 30’s and is made from 3/4' Void Free Birch Plywood.

I love the styling of this amp from the big single volume knob which reminds of Back To The Future and the VU Meter it has a very stylish retro look to it. Here is a close up of the VU Meter.

Aside from the NB King 100 Randall have some very cool amps for 2009, flicking through the catalogue I noticed they have some very nice vintage looking amps such as the RM50CRP2 and plenty of Metal amps such as the V2 Ninja designed by Michael Amott.

Check out this NAMM 2009 video of the NB King 100 from Premier Guitar.