prostage midi wahwah
Prostage are a company whose aim is to provide guitar systems that process all signals inside a rack. Prostage have MIDI foot controllers and Loop systems and a buffer pedal for guitarists and have now supplemented its loop and switch systems with the Remote WahWah.

The remote controlled WahWah is an effect unit to be installed inside the guitar rack. It is remotely controlled via MIDI with an expression pedal. The advantage of a rack mounted effect unit is obvious: you need far less guitar cable and you omit the associated sound and dynamic losses.


  • Pure analog audio circuit (using a Fasel Coil)
  • 18 volt operation
  • Controlled via MIDI
  • Auto Wah function with tap tempo
  • Auto enable function
  • 128 different WahWah sounds and volume control presets can be stored
  • Easy creation of presets, using Prostage‚Äôs System Manager software on your Mac or PC. (XTMpro Adaptor or XDS | XLS Loop & Switch system required).

The Remote WahWah is built with a 100% analog audio circuit, identical to a standard Wah, using a Fasel Coil. The guitar signal does not have to pass AD/DA converters and maintains its natural dynamics. Its effect and the most important settings such as the frequency range of the Wah are controlled via MIDI. You can store presets with different Wah sounds and you can also use the device as a volume pedal as well as a level, contour or treble booster.

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