Every now and then a product comes along that is an incredibly simple idea that makes you think what didn’t I think of that? Planet Waves announced this clever little device at NAMM 2011 and for some reason I totally missed it at the time (not surprising considering how many NAMM 2011 posts I was writing at that time!).

The Planet Waves Guitar Rest turns any flat surface into a guitar stand. Simply lay the Guitar rest over the edge of any level surface and lean your instrument against the 'œneck pocket' of the guitar rest. The surface friction of the guitar rest will resist movement on practically all surfaces.

'¢ Perfect for instances where a stand is not available or convenient.
'¢ The Guitar Rest fits easily in any case or gig bag so you can take it anywhere.
'¢ Safe on lacquer and urethane finishes

What I love about this product is that you can slip it into your gig bag or case, it takes up hardly any space at all and then put it on any surface like the top of your amp and hey presto instant guitar stand! I can’t tell you how many moments I’ve had seeing my guitar start to slide as it is leaning against an amp.

At $10 US it is also a bargain, I’m going to put an order in so I’ll post a demo video to show it in action when it arrives.

Planet Waves Guitar Rest