Popular Polish guitar maker Mayones has built a custom Setius baritone 7-string for Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb with a Roasted mahogany body & mahogany/maple 5-piece neck, flamed maple top in Antique Black Oil finish. The guitar also features Mark’s DiMarzio protoype pickup set, Hipshot hardware and a 27″ inch scale.

I haven’t seen anyone call a 27″ scale 7 string a baritone before? I guess it depends on the tuning you use, personally I tune my 27″ scale 7 string to standard and have always thought of a baritone as much lower. For instance a baritone 6 string is tuned down a fourth so the low E string becomes a B, does this mean the low B of the 7 becomes an F#? Either way I love the finish on this guitar.