Pawar Turn of the century

Jay Pawar hand makes two different guitar models. The Turn of the Century is the flagship model of the Pawar and has a hand carved scroll in the upper bout of the maple top which creates a very recognisable design slightly reminiscent of that Prince guitar, you know the one, anyway I shouldn’t really make comparisons like that it is far more tasteful than Prince’s crazy guitar. The only thing I would say is that the scroll does mean that it acts like a single cut design restricting access to upper frets, but something tells me that people who buy this guitar aren’t going to be too bothered about that. The guitar is available in 3 different finishes:

Traditional Series: Features maple tops with translucent honey finishes.

Stage Series: Features maple tops with opaque metallic finishes over translucent ivory swamp ash backs. (See photo above)

Prestige Series: Features hand picked flame maple tops with classic translucent finishes such as Antiqueburst, Antique Natural, and Tobbaccoburst. Back is translucent amber or Anique Natural, depending on the top color, over beautiful swamp ash.

Check out Pawar Guitars’ site for details on their other model the double cutaway ‘Epic 20’.