This is very cool news. ArtistWorks have developed a great platform for online teaching, I previously posted about Jazz guitarist Martin Taylor’s ArtistWorks site, the best feature being their Video Exchange feature which is explained below. Now ArtistWorks have developed a new site with Paul Gilbert, watch the video above for an explanation from Paul himself due to launch very soon. Subscription fees are $90 for three months, $150 for six months and $240 for 12 months which in my opinion is great value.

Now anyone can learn all out rock guitar from the guy all the other guitar virtuosos call the best, Paul Gilbert. ArtistWork’s Video Exchange Accelerated Learning Platform streams Paul’s entire lesson list to you – beginner to advanced. Anytime you get stuck or need help, fire up your phone or webcam and show Paul what you’re doing so he can give you personalized feedback. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to learn blistering rock guitar online and become the player you’ve always wanted to be.

“With Video Exchangeâ„¢, learning music online includes getting a video response from an experienced teacher. Players can ask questions and show their instructor where they are struggling by sending in a video. In turn, they will receive a Video Response from their teacher who gives them guidance on what to work on next in order to improve. Unlike typical video chat, you don’t have to be in the same time zone as your online teacher and you can work on your video before you upload it. No prior experience or minimum skill level is required. Students not only benefit from their own exchanges, but can see everyone’s Video Exchange with the teacher as an ever expanding resource for everyone to learn from. You can watch all the videos on your iPad too.”