Open Stomp
Well there has been quite a buzz about Open Stomp and the online store is finally, well, online! So what is Open Stomp? Well basically it is a Stomp Box where you can create your own patches using software. At the moment this is in the form of a Windows application, ‘OpenStomp Workbench’. This allows Users to combine effects into patches graphically, and to move patches and effects between the Coyote-1 device and their PC. Seeing as there is quite a community buzz surrounding the stomp box I am sure that someone will create an OS X or maybe even an iPhone version soon! At the heart of this unit is the Parallax Propeller Chip, which contains 8 independent processor cores running simultaneously at 80MHz with a unique architecture supporting a high-level byte coded language called “Spin”, and a low-level assembly language with an amazingly versatile instruction set.

Its revolutionary architecture allows the Propeller to generate video in software by adding just three external resistors, so the Coyote-1 includes a video out port which can be used by developers for debugging or adapted to implement things like graphical tuners, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, or light shows. Its third bi-directional quarter-inch audio in/out can be configured either as an output for stereo effects, or as an input for modulation effects (like vocoders, where one audio input is used to modulate a second).

It certainly sounds like a very versatile multi effects unit but at the price of $349 it will have to sound good if it is going to compete with the likes of Vox, Line 6 and Digitech.

Open Stomp site
Open Stomp online store