Now this may not be a new thing but for some reason I have never seen this particular product before. Imagine having a Tube Distortion or Delay effect built in to your guitar, and all you need to do is pull your tone or volume pot! Pretty nifty stuff. Take the Analog Delay for instance:

…the real benefit of the DL-1 besides the great vintage tone is the immediacy of the control. Match the delay to your drummer, dial in just the right amount of repeat to cut through the band, or use the “Time” knob to create cool special effects- from wacky Star Trek noises to cool Hip-Hop scratches.You can choose from a push/pull on/off knob below, for true stealth performance, or a surface mounted on/off switch. Find a jack that matches what’s in your guitar now and that’s all you need. The AM-1 comes with a battery clip and a pair of foam padding strips.

The Tube Distortion kit has 4 preset tube amp models:
1. Vintage Tweed
2. Modern Overdriven Tweed
3. Vintage “Hand WIred” British
4. Modern Metal British

Tweed modes give you vintage sweet overdrive with a pronounced midrange boost. The British modes dial in authentic tones, feel and presence. In our extensive testing we have found this circuit to produce more natural tones than MANY, MANY high end overdrive pedals in our collection!

And it doesn’t stop there, you can also choose from Tremolo, Chorus, Compresser/Limiter & Wah Wah Midrange Booster kits. For more info and pricing check out