I’m a sucker for a good pun so was happy to see that Marrs Pedals latest release includes a top notch one, as you can see above the first pedal is called the Marrs Roverdrive, perfect.

The Marrs Roverdrive is a simple two knob overdrive with a vast range. It goes from a mild dynamic overdrive, that breaks up only when you play harder, all the way up to a more compressed signal that reaches into fuzz territory. There is lots of volume on tap to push your amps into saturation.

Marrs Seq and Destroy
Next up is the Seq & Destroy, which is an externally controlled sequence tremolo.

The effect is dictated by beats and patterns that you choose or create. They are fed through an external sound source such as an mp3 player, drum machine, cassette player, triggers from a drum kit, computer, et cetera. It only follows audio that is abundant in the 200Hz or lower range – ie kick drum and sometimes snare – and ignores anything above it.

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