Just posted on the Musicman forum is this new prototype of a guitar they are calling the ‘Majesty’, right now I’m not sure if I like it or not but what I do like is that Music Man aren’t afraid of trying new things, take the Armada for instance. Oh and as people keep telling me, apparently it’s not all about me anyway, no I know crazy huh?

UPDATE So according to my sources this is the new John Petrucci model and it has possibly been confirmed by the fact that John Petrucci himself just tweeted the following:

This and the fact that apparently Dream Theater were originally called Majesty and that the 1st fret inlay is the Dream Theater logo… sorry I’m not into DT so I didn’t realise.

So anyway here is what was posted on the forum:


“The guitar is super super light…the ‘carbon fiber’ is not what it seems….it is laser etched maple that is finished to resemble carbon fiber the guys did an amazing job. the access is absolutely crazy good….the ergonomics were the primary deal and it balances really well…. It has a gamechanger in it and is set to just be a switch but as we introduce the gc incrementally you can activate if you choose but it is not manditory. The guitar has been voiced by di marzio and we have done sonic thumbprint matching….I will tell you about it someday. The design and construction techiniques are cutting edge and like I could only have imagined ten years ago.”