Thank you to Premier Guitar for apparently being the only people in the world to actually visit the Egnater booth at NAMM 2014, seriously what happened? I haven’t even seen a single press release about Egnater in so long and was beginning to get worried especially as the last pedal announcement (last year?) never made it into production and I haven’t seen any Detroit series amps announced at NAMM 2013 in any stores either.

So I am very relieved that PG checked in with Bruce to see what’s happening and he seems to have scrapped the last couple of pedals and fleshed them out into a new range of 3 overdrive and distortion pedals called the Goldsmith, Silversmith and Black Metal. Also Bruce was showing off the new TOL 60 which looks like an update on the old Renegade but with the new look from the Detroit series which I really like and as Bruce explains it has a new feature called TORQ mid range control that replaces the old Tube Mix control.

Hopefully we will see some updates on the Egnater Website or Facebook page soon.