Suhr SE-100

Suhr SE-100 Back
The Suhr Hand Wired Series of Amplifiers feature their take on various Marshall 100 Watt Heads with Suhr’s own internal modifications, the SE Mod has been around since the early days of Custom Audio Amplifiers I believe when John Suhr was working with Bob Bradshaw and now it is available as its own model.

From Suhr’s website:
High gain addicts no longer have to wait up to two years to get the highly sought after SE overdrive modification (mod). For many years artists all over the world have sent us their beloved master volume amps to be modified. As part of the mod process, and to ensure reliability, these amplifiers undergo a complete overhaul; essentially transforming their old amplifier into a bullet-proof, high gain machine.

Due to the overwhelming demand for this mod, we have developed the SE-100 Hand Wired amplifier – the ultimate single channel high gain amp. The SE-100 Hand Wired incorporates our sought after SE overdrive mod, paired with a finely tuned ‘68 plexi output power section, which delivers a variety of classic and modern high gain overdrive tones, and 100 watts of power, that you can feel at your fingertips.

Every SE-100 Hand Wired is meticulously handcrafted and offers a number of unique features such as: a plexi-style output transformer, four gain stages, and a bypassable low impedance tube effects loop optimized to interface with line level rack gear.

For high gain addicts, this amp delivers: muscular British crunch, chest pounding high-gain, and well defined, bone crushing drop tuning tones – all with a simple turn of the gain knob!!se-100/c1y6c