Source Audio Soundblox 2 Pro Poly-Mod Filter
Another mouthful of a product name, the Pro Poly-Mod Filter pedal from Source Audio’s Soundblox 2 series is new for 2013 and is a guitar and keyboard voiced version of the Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter. The Poly-Mod Filter has 23 filter effects including multiple variations on 2 and 4 Pole Low Pass, Single Peak, Triple Peak, Peak & Notch, and Phaser. Each filter is controllable via envelope follower (i.e. auto-wah), variable wave shape LFO (Low Frequency Oscillation), expression pedal, or the Source Audio Hot Hand® effect controllers. It includes a variety of adjustable parameters including positive/negative filter sweeps, sweep range, attack and decay speed, frequency range, LFO rate (with tap tempo), and Q. Three footswitches and two preset banks hold six easily accessed user presets.

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