Jet City Amplification JCA20HFlex
The original prototype of this amp was actually shown at last year’s NAMM show and looked a little different, you can check it out here – The final release version is looking much more refined, an updated logo and clear front panel that lets you see the tubes glow. Not only does it look good, the amp is based a very clever idea, it is a a fully-programmable tube guitar amplifier.

Press Release
Using technology engineered by Gary Lee of BackLine Engineering, all front-panel rotary controls function as normally expected, yet all settings can be saved in one of 30 user presets, and recalled via footswitch or MIDI. The Flex topology is noninvasive to the amplifier’s all-tube tone generation; only the potentiometers are replaced and controlled by new technology.

The 20HFlex includes 3 Soldano preamp voices; Vintage, Crunch, and Overdrive, 3-band EQ, master volume, and effects loop, with all setting programmable.

“Mike Soldano and I had been exploring some concepts very similar to his SOLDANO X-99 programmable preamp, when we met Gary from BackLine” said Douglas White, Jet City’s manager of Product Development. “Gary had some very clever technology which he had developed for use in his own amplifiers, so teaming up was natural for both parties. We were able to develop an amp with all the tube alchemy Mike is known for, controlled by Gary’s technology wizardry. It turned into a very useful amp for the gigging guitarist”.

At an estimated street price of $699.99, the JCA20HFlex is built with Jet City’s highly-regarded quality, and delivers the same tonal quality as their most-popular amplifier.

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