Ernie Ball Titanium
A new, and for me personally, welcome addition to the Ernie Ball strings range at Winter NAMM 2008 is the Titanium-Coated Slinky Acoustic.

In a revolutionary movement sure to uplift plain strings from problematic weakness and breakage, Ernie Ball is proud to introduce its new Slinky Acoustic sets, featuring patented coated Titanium RPS Technology that resists rust and grime to produce a bright and powerful tone time after time.

I’ve tried D’Addario EXP strings on my Takamine TEAN46C and I wasn’t impressed. Considering the price they were dull within a couple of weeks, so I would have been better off with regular non-coated strings. I then switched to Elixir Strings which I have been using for a couple of years and although they lack a bit of the initial brightness the D’Addario’s have they keep the tone for a very long time depending on how much you play I would say at least 2-3 months whereas I was changing my regular Phosphor-Bronze sets every month.

That being said I am excited by this announcement because the Titanium coating will have a much brighter sound than a polymer coated string and depending on the cost of these strings may be a viable alternative to the Elixir strings. As a side note all 2008 Ernie Ball strings have been re-packaged using a new process that hermetically seals the strings into their packaging for increased resistance to moisture and impurities. The packaging also employs use of a high-gloss foil and a hologram to cut down on counterfeit strings.