MXR DC Brick
Dunlop have announced an update to the popular power supply the DC Brick, power supplies aren’t exactly very attractive items but they are incredibly important if you have a pedalboard. Dunlop have rebranded the DC Brick via their MXR brand and updated the plain black look with a very nice looking brushed Aluminium chassis and I have to say this is probably the nicest looking power supply I’ve seen… not that it matters of course… or does it? Anyway aside from beautifying the DC Brick it now handles twice the power, allowing you to use virtually any combination of effects. Additionally, each 9v output has a red LED that illuminates if there is a short so you can quickly identify and troubleshoot any power problems. The MXR DC Brick has eight 9v outputs and two 18v outputs, a change from the DCB10’s seven 9v outputs and three 18v outputs. And of course, the AC adapter and all necessary cables to connect pedals to the unit are included.