Once again head over to Musicradar.com for the full lowdown as they have the scoop on this new series as you will see from the video above. I’m not a massive fan of modelling amps but as each manufacturer releases a modelling amp there are obviously technological advances that lead to closer emulation to the real thing. It looks and sounds like from the video above that Blackstar have taken a fresh approach with the ID Series, firstly they are allowing you to select modelled Tubes from the front panel (EL84, 6V6, EL34, KT66, 6L6 and KT88) as well add effects and it also has 6 different channel voicings (Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD1, OD 2). The ID Series also includes Blackstar’s ISF control and the ability to store up to 128 presets, you have a usb port on the front of the amp for downloading and uploading presets. An emulated output, MP3/line input and midi footswitching complete the package.

Check out this video of Jamie Humphries demoing the ID Series:

Blackstar ID Series 100TVP