I’m not old enough to remember Music Man amps being available as they were shut down in 1984, a good 4 years before I even picked up my first guitar, but I have seen a lot of people with a lot of love for them over the years. According to Sterling Ball many people think that Leo Fender designed the Music Man amps but it was actually his Godfather Tommy Walker, “Tommy was one of the first reps for Fender but was a self taught electronics genius. He also designed the preamp in the Stingray bass” says Sterling. “When the amps and instruments were ready I brought some great artists at the time to become endorsees…from Albert Lee to Eric Clapton and many more.” Eventually as Sterling explains on the Ernie Ball forum he had to make the decision once they had bought the Music Man company to cut amp production in order to focus on the guitars and basses.

Sterling explains how and why the Music Man amps are going to be introduced:

“I have approached and been approached about re-introducing the Music Man Amps so many times I have lost count. It was just never the right fit and nobody that I talked to could do the amps justice. When my dear friend Marco (Marco De Virgiliis) of Mark Bass (and DV Mark) sent me an early morning email asking if I was interested I said “Let’s do it!” I had zero hesitation. I had found my perfect partner to make these great amps come back to the market.”

“Why Mark Bass? Because I believe that our industry has been blessed with very few passionate geniuses and Marco is one of them. His drive and commitment to creating the very best audio products is so very impressive. I use and love Mark Bass…they are light as a feather, powerful, and nothing sounds as good as them. I am so excited to see Marco and his team faithfully recreate the amps that a previous genius Tommy Walker helped create. Tommy is resting in peace but I’m sure he would be smiling if he were here today. Tommy Walker was one of the most important role models, mentor and friend that I have had and these amps are my tribute to Tommy.”

Keep an eye on the Music Man website for more news coming soon at MusikMesse Frankfurt.