I’m a big fan of quality gig bags, although it is nice to have the reassurance of a hardshell case for extreme situations when I want throw my guitar in the back of the car and head off to rehearsal I much prefer using something lightweight yet protective. I currently use a Suhr Gig Bag for my, you guessed it, Suhr guitars and have always been impressed with it but Mono have really taken it to the next level with their features and looks. First of all the padding is excellent so I’m more than happy to throw my Suhrs or Taylor electric in the M80 and sling it in the car. The bumper system at the bottom of the case helps protect your guitar when placed (or dropped!) vertically by cushioning around the strap button and therefore prevent the button from taking any impact and being pushed into the guitar and cracking the finish.

There is plenty of space in the pockets for leads, picks, slides, strings, tools etc. If for some reason you want even more space you can buy an additional add on called the Guitar Tick which hooks on and will fit a Pedaltrain Nano pedalboard inside. Unloaded this case only weights 5lbs or 2.5kg so very lightweight and it is also waterproof so you can always wear this on your back while riding your bike without any worries. All of the zips and straps are Military spec which ensures they are super tough and will endure plenty of punishment. I would definitely be happy to put all of my guitars in a Mono M80 gig bag and put my hard cases in storage.

Mono M80 Gig Bag

Check out monocase.com for more info and if you are in Australia contact Dominant Music.