mission engineering gemini h
I remember posting about an Eleven Rack enclosure a long time ago but never heard anything about it again but now Mission Engineering have taken that idea a stage further with a rack enclosure for 2 or 4U, 19″ rack style modelling amps such as the Fractal Audio Axe-FX II, Avid Eleven Rack and Line 6 Pod HD-Pro.

Gemini with Mission EmPower™ Technology is the missing link in the world of digital modeling processors and software based guitar systems. Gemini combines state of the art digital amplification and interfaces that connect to almost any device, wired or wireless, with beautiful handcrafted wood cabinets that provide the look and feel of boutique tube amps.

Mission EmPower Technology™ features multi-channel class D power amplifiers, active crossovers with variable EQ, and full range co-axial drivers, all designed from the ground up to work together as the perfect amplification solution for modeling systems.

Looks pretty cool I think. Here is the Mission Engineering Gemini H product page.