Mayones Regius 6 MM CW Djentlemen Series Figured Walnut Top Oil finish with Bare Knuckle Black Hawk Set pickups.

The All-Natural version of our Regius guitar that instantly found a way to Misha Mansoor’s heart. “Played this at NAMM and instantly fell in love.” – raves Periphery’s leader – “Mayones have stepped up their game this year, and this is probably the best Mayones I have ever laid my hands on, just a shockingly good guitar.” Indeed, love at first sight exists.


The Djentlemen Series is based on a Regius model, which clear yet might sound perfectly matches the strict tonal criteria of this genre. Those sumptuous neck-thru guitars are a perfect tool for Djent style powerful riffs, jazzy solos and composite chords. Inspiration included.

Check out this link for some cool photos and specs: